lithografic ink on OSB board 2012


Woodcut / træsnit



CIRCUIT is made specially for Aamanns-Copenhagen in New York. It will hang there for 4 months starting December 2012.

The artwork consists of four standard size (96”x48”) OSB strand boards. OSBs are typically used as temporary fences for construction sights. Their rough surface are due to the pieces of compressed wood, creating a unique surface that contributes to the final piece. The four boards are composed to form a square (144”x144”), connecting the figures into a circle that creates a sense of movement within the square. A square hole in the middle (48”x48”) forces the figures to the outer edges.

The art itself is milled out from the boards. This gave Peter an opportunity to create additional artwork derived from the original piece. Using the old technique of letter pressing, he made two full prints and five individual extracts onto canvas. A few of the smaller canvas pieces are exhibited with the original piece. The reverse imprints onto canvas create a dialog between them and the original.
Note: Canvas art are made with lithographic ink on pure cotton canvas and produced in collaboration with “Det Grafiske Værksted” in Hjørring, Denmark.


Værket består af fire OSB plader i standard produktions størrelse 244 x 122 cm.
OSB plader bruges ofte som midlertidige plankeværk til indhegning af byggepladser.
I værket CIRCUIT er de fire plader samlet således at de danner et kvadrat på 366 x 366 cm med hul på 122 x 122 cm i midten.

Selve motivet er udfræset i pladerne. Derved opnås mulighed for at lave aftryk af billedfladen med en anden gammel teknik – nemlig bogtrykker teknikken. Der er lavet 2 aftryk af det samlede værk. Disse tryk er spejlvendte i forhold til originalen. Aftrykkene blev lavet med litografisk blæk på rent bomulds lærred. Formaterne var for store til trykmaskiner og blev derfor trykt med håndkraft.
Dette blev udført i samarbejde med Det Grafiske Værksted i Hjørring.



Photos from the atelier / Fotoserie fra atelieret


The beginning

  The guidelines for the image are made with white acrylics

One of many days of cutting


  Last day of cutting

Thisen from the Graphic Workshop in Hjørring helps out making prints of the images. Here he is applying lithographic ink on the images.


  The cotton canvas is placed on the inked image.

Drying time (3 weeks)


   The atelier is looking like a professional laundry.

One of four images


  The OSB board has to be cleaned after the printing. A suttle white is painting inbetween the figures to enhance the image

All OSB boards are carefully packed individually

      Next we had to build a transportation box.
  Bounce absorbing material is applied  

The goods are inside and sealed with plastic


  The box is closed and labelled. Ready to go.   This is how we hope it will all end.
  CIRCUIT   SORT KREDS - the print of the strand boards
  The reception invitation